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Organizational Structure

C-FARE strives to have the board of board of directors comprehensive in nature so the organization can meet the diverse needs that may arise on behalf of the profession.  Therefore, as much as possible, the structure of the main board represents regional differences, areas of expertise, experience, and locations of employment (academic, industry, etc.) within the profession.  We recommend that the common thread of each board member be an interest in policy impacts on subject of expertise.

According to our bylaws, the organizational structure of the board is as follows:

The Corporation will consist of at least fifteen (15) Directors representing major groups within the profession.  Directors shall be appointed as follows:

A. Land grant and other universities with programs in food, agricultural, and resource economics, and related areas:  Three (3) members, as selected by the National Association of Agricultural Economics Administrators.

B. Other professional societies:  One (1) member may be appointed from each society that contributes to the corporation. 

C. At-large members to be appointed by the current members of the Board: 

D.1 At-large members are expected to represent strategic areas and skills, and will represent (a) the private sector; (b) non-profit institutions, including research and grant making organizations; (c) other economics professional associations, and (d) additional members of the profession.

D.2 Board appointments shall reflect research, extension/outreach, academic program, geographic, demographic, and other criteria, but without specific requirements.

D.3 The Board may appoint ex-officio members to attend Board meetings and assist with Corporation activities.

In addition to the structure in our bylaws, board members volunteer to serve on committees which include: (a) Executive Committee, (b) Audit Committee, (c) Finance/Proposal Development Committee, (d) Industry Relations Committee (may include non-board members), (e) PR Committee, (f) Other  short-term committees assigned based on projects and needs.

Board members also volunteer to serve as liaisons to Blue Ribbon Panels.  C-FARE Blue Ribbon Expert Panels provide short- and long-run guidance about national and international matters of mutual interest to policy makers and food, agricultural and resource economists. Information based on the panels’ expertise will flow two ways. The panels will assist C-FARE with answers to questions from policy makers and will provide C-FARE with advice about policy needs and concerns from the profession.  Each panel will consist of experts from outside the board in priority areas identified by the C-FARE Board of Directors. Panels will be added and terminated based on the changing needs of food, agricultural and resource policies. Seven initial broad priority areas have been identified:

(1) Energy,
(2) Global Competitiveness and Profitability of Agriculture,
(3) Economic Opportunities in Rural Communities,
(4) Natural Resources and Environmental Issues,
(5) Consumer Concerns about Food, Health and Safety,
(6) Climate Change, and
(7) Development.

In addition to the Blue Ribbon Panels, other volunteer groups are developed based on need and annual projects.

Last updated: May 8, 2016


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