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C-FARE Webinars

C-FARE and Community Webinars

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Briefing on U.S. - Cuba Trade - March 22, 2016 

Farm Income Briefing - February 10, 2016

IMPLAN’s 2013 Agricultural Sector Data - September 3, 2015

The Economics of Pollinator Services, Industry, and Health - 2015

Climate Change, Choices, Agriculture, and the Adaptation Imperative - 2015

The Economics of Food Waste in the Contemporary Marketplace - 2015

Oil and Gas Development in the U.S.: Data and Recent Research on Local Consequences - 2014

Brandt Public Policy Forum - Increasing Agriculture's Competitive Edge - 2014

Forecasting a Healthy Future: A Webinar Highlighting the Value of Fruit and Vegetable Market Data - 2014

Stewarding America's Water Bodies - Policy Innovations in Non-point Source Pollution - 2014

Unraveling Uncertainty in Agricultural Markets with Data - 2014

Cleaning Up the Slime: Science and Substantiation - 2013

The Conservation Crossroads in Agriculture - 2012

Using Figures to State the Facts: How the Agriculture Industry Uses Data - 2012

Rural Wealth Creation Webinar -2012

Regional Perspectives on Economic Forces Shaping Land Asset Values 2012

Communicating the Cooperative Value Package - 2011

What's at Stake? An Insight and Look at the Next Farm Bill - 2011

Changing Behaviors, Changing Waistlines: Understanding Consumers' Mindset to Achieve a Healthy Weight - 2011

The Low Down on Local Foods - 2011

Water & Irrigated Agriculture: The Past, Present and Future - 2010

Wetlands Function and Response to Extreme Events - 2010

Positioning the Applied Economic Profession in a New Era of Grants: A Review of How to be a Multi-Disciplinary Scientist to Gain Grant Funding  -2010

Food Safety Risk Ranking and Cost Analysis Along the Domestic and International Supply Chains - 2009

Agriculture in a Turbulent Economy - 2009

Environmental Markets: New Approaches for Natural Resources Management" Webinar - 2009

From Agricultural to Urban Ecosystems: Nature's Services to Humankind - 2008

Environmental Choices: Outlook and Investigation on Climate Change as it Relates to Agriculture and Natural Resources: Part II - 2008

Environmental Choices - Outlook and Investigation on Climate Change as it Relates to Agriculture and Natural Resources: Part I -2008


Last updated: April 25, 2016


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