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Valuation of Ecosystem Services Available from Farms and Forests

Valuation of Ecosystem Services Workshop
Tuesday, April 12th, 2016
Sidney R. Yates Building
201 14th St SW, Washington, DC 20227 
The Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics invites you to save-the-date to attend an orientation and kickoff workshop that will introduce participants to the guiding principles and proposed approaches for developing a national framework to quantify ecosystem service benefits. Three resource teams, each focused on a particular ecological change associated with a USDA program, will be engaged to create a common approach for quantifying benefits using monetary and non-monetary metrics.
The workshop will be divided into a morning orientation and an afternoon of working breakout groups, divided by resource team topic. The morning session will be open to experts not on the resource teams. Members of the steering committee and other interested parties are invited to review the proposed approach and methods and to help frame the analysis to be conducted by the resource teams over the next 8-10 months. The orientation will (1) establish a common set of principles supported by science to guide the development of monetary valuation and non-monetary benefit metrics (e.g., Ervin et al. 2014) and (2) present the causal chain approach to ecosystem service metric development for use by resource teams (e.g., Olander et al. 2015).
8:30 AM          Coffee, pastries, and fruit
9:00 AM          Goals and Purpose
10:00 AM        Principles of Ecosystem Services
10:30 AM        Using Causal Chains to Measure Benefits
11:00 AM        Explanation of Breakout Group Expectations
11:30 AM        Additional Discussion
12:00 PM        Lunch
12:30 PM        Breakout Groups - Activity 1: Develop a conceptual causal chain for ES
2:00 PM          Report back
2:30 PM          Breakout Groups - Activity 2: Identify information needs and workplan
5:00 PM          End
Ervin, D., S. Vickerman, S. Ngawhika, F. Beaudoin, S. Hamlin, E. Dietrich, P. Manson, and J. Schoenen. 2014.  Principles to Guide Assessments of Ecosystem Service Values, first revised edition. Portland, Oregon: Cascadia Ecosystem Services Partnership, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University.
Lydia Olander, Robert J. Johnston, Heather Tallis, Jimmy Kagan, Lynn Maguire, Steve Polasky, Dean Urban, James Boyd, Lisa Wainger, and Margaret Palmer. 2015. Best Practices for Integrating Ecosystem Services into Federal Decision Making. Durham: National Ecosystem Services Partnership, Duke University. 
Last updated: April 1, 2016