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C-FARE Related Publications and Archives

C-FARE Review of NASS Prices Program

A Review of the USDA NASS Agricultural Prices Program: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century

C-FARE Review of the Census of Agriculture

"Improving Information About America's Farms & Ranches"

Agriculture, Biology, Conservation...

The ABC's of How Nature Serves the Nation

"Rates of Return to Public Investment in Agricultural Research and Education."

Barry, Peter. (Contributing authors: Alston, Gardner, Hewitt, Huffman, Norton, Phillips). Choices, Fourth Quarter, 1997, pp. 13-15.

"Doing Good by Choosing Well: Priorities for Agricultural Economics."

Mary Ahearn, Henry Bahn, Peter Barry, Sam Cordes, Tracy Irwin Hewitt, George Norton, Katherine Smith, and Amy Thurow. Review of Agricultural Economics, Fall 1998.

May 20, 2013 Coffee with your Colleagues – “An Overview of Rates of Return to Agricultural Research
February 2013 Joint USDA Economists Group/C-FARE Seminar – “International Commodity Price Volatility and Risks
December 2012 Joint USDA Economists Group/C-FARE/AFIA Seminar – “Future Feed Patterns for U.S. Livestock and Poultry”
May 2012 Nutrient Management & the Chesapeake Bay Experience: Economic and Environmental Considerations
April 2012 C-FARE Sponsored Dr. Kenkel as the National CFAR speaker addressing "American Agriculture Cooperates: Economics, Research and Structure of Farmer Owned Cooperatives"
March 2012 Joint USDA Economists Group and C-FARE seminar "Farm Policy: History and Proposals for 2012"
May 2011 "Bringing Urban Agriculture to Life"
May 2011 C-FARE Sponsored Dr. Lusk as the National CFAR speaker addressing "Eating Out and Overeating." View handout
Spring 2011 Agricultural Cooperatives: Economics, Opportunities and Structure in a New Era of Food, Fiber and Fuel
February 2011 USDA Economists Group and C-FARE seminar "Updated Climate Change Impact Assessments."
Speakers included
Dr. Charles Griffiths (Economist, US EPA National Center for Environmental Economics)
Dr. Gerald Nelson (IFPRI Senior Research Fellow)
with Dr. Jan Lewandrowski (Economist, Climate Change Program Office, USDA Office of the Chief Economist) as the moderator.
November 2010 USDA Economists Group and C-FARE seminar: The Role of Risk Management in Farm Policy-Addressing the Next Farm Bill. Speakers included
Dr. Keith Collins (Economic Adviser to National Crop Insurance Services), and
Dr. Robert Dismukes (Agricultural Economist at the USDA Economic Research Service),
with Dr. William Motes, Chief (Economist, Informa Economics) as the moderator.
June 16, 2010 Briefing – "Climate Change and Agriculture: Food and Farming in a Changing Climate"
June 2010 Climate Change and Agriculture: Food and Farming in a Changing Climate
June 2010 C-FARE Sponsored the National CFAR Speaker on "Local Foods Across the Country and Close to Home: The Economics of Local Foods Supply Chains". View the presentation and handout.
May 2010 C-FARE Sponsored the National CFAR Speaker on From Specialized Farming to Your Fork: Competition and the Changing Structure of Agriculture. View the presentation and handout.
April 2010 Economic white papers on important research areas. These white papers discuss the important and essential contributions of agricultural economists in these priority areas.
September 2008 C-FARE sponsored the National C-FAR "Lunch-n-Learn" speaker on "Valuing Your Diet"
July 2008 Multidisciplinary briefing "After the Fire: Approaches to Revitalizing Ecosystem Resources"
April 2008 Multidisciplinary briefing "Designer Crops: Building Health and Nutrition from the Ground Up"
September 2007 C-FARE participated in a multi-disciplinary briefing on nutrient management entitled "Nutrient Management: A Best Management Practice for Clean Water"
May 2007 C-FARE sponsored speaker for the Soil Science Society of America and Congressional Soils Caucus event entitled "Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural and Forest Soils"
March 2007 C-FARE participated in a multi-disciplinary briefing focusing on ecosystem services entitled, "Agriculture, Biology, Conservation: The ABC's of How Agriculture Services the Nation"
March 2007 C-FARE sponsored the National C-FAR "Lunch-n-Learn" speakers on "Cultivating Our Competitive Edge: Funding Trends for Research and Extension & the Future of U.S. Agriculture."
May 2006 C-FARE and the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) partnered to hold a stakeholder briefing addressing the Economics of Invasive. View summary of research presented.
November 2003 Positioning Agricultural and Resource Economics: From Priorities to Action
1) Agenda and Presentations
2) C-FARE's Working Document on the Priorities Process
July 2003 C-FARE/NAAEA Sponsored Preconference on Grants

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