Agricultural and Applied Economics Congressional Visits Days

Agricultural and applied economics research and information underpin not only the capacity of the American agricultural and resource enterprises but also the vitality of economies and communities world-wide. The Agricultural and Applied Economics Congressional Visits Day (CVD) is a one-day biennial event that brings agricultural and applied economics professionals and executives to Washington, DC to raise awareness about the importance of agricultural and applied economics analysis, research, and related statistical resources.

The Congressional Visits Day Program allows agricultural and applied economics experts to provide a valuable service to the profession. Discussions that take place in DC at CVD highlight the role of agricultural economics in the U.S. agricultural, food, and resource research, education, and extension.

During the CVD, the members of the profession have the opportunity to meet with Members of Congress or thier congressional staff to describe the work taking place in their departments or personal research portfolio. The effort is a relationship-building exercise that helps to connect the policymaker to on-the-ground economic research. It also serves to highlight the important cooperative role that intermural research and extramural research, education, and extension programs have in serving the nation. The intramural research and federal statistical resources which members of the profession coordinate with and/or use to undertake research are also discussed.

At the 2017 visits day, participants discussed the Agricultural and Applied Economics Priorities and Solutions Report with congressional members and staff. 

The CVD is made possible by the National Association of Agricultural Economics Administrators (NAAEA), Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA), and Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA), as well as individual sponsors.