Archived Webinar: China’s Foreign Agriculture Investments

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View Recording Here According to Over 1,300 Chinese enterprises had overseas investments in agriculture, forestry, fishing, processing, farm machinery, inputs, seeds, and logistics in over 100 countries at the end of 2016. Their broad aims are to achieve profits for Chinese investors while achieving national food security and projecting China’s influence abroad. While the United States is the largest supplier of China’s agricultural imports, it has not been a major target of Chinese agricultural investment. Chinese investors tend to enter less-developed countries where there are few competitors, there is potential to raise productivity using Chinese technology, and potential to diversify suppliers of Chinese imports. A few companies with access to financing from Chinese banks are pursuing mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships with companies in more developed markets. Researchers will discuss how these investments reflect changes in China’s demand for food and its need for upgrades in technology and management.