House Agriculture Committee Launches Farm Bill Landing Page

2018 Farm Bill - The U.S. House Committee on Agriculture has launched a new online resource "... designed to provide updates and information related to the 2018 Farm Bill ..." - The Committee notes that it is currently crafting a farm bill which: "... Streamlines government programs, eliminates redundancy and rolls back heavy-handed federal regulations on our nation's farmers, ranchers and foresters; Ensures Fiscal Responsibility ...; Improves Anti-Hunger Programs. Includes improvements to the nation's largest anti-hunger program (SNAP) to help lift families out of poverty and into good-paying jobs; Secures Rural America. Better targets resources to maintain our commitment to rural development while addressing threats to plant and animal health; Preserves our Farms & Forests. Keeps our land and resources sustainable ... by encouraging voluntary, incentive-based conservation practices that protect our farms and forests alike; ... Provides stability for America’s farmers and ranchers through improvements to the farm safety net and ensures we have defensible programs that meet the needs of all producers; Facilitates Agricultural Trade Exports. Supports the development of new international markets for agricultural exports, helping grow the economy and create jobs ..."