Current Trends in U.S. Farm Income, Farm Income Volatility, and Farmland Values


There are increasing concerns about the financial health of American farms as the farm sector's net cash income is expected to decline by 35 percent between 2013 and 2016. Further clouding the picture is that net cash income at the individual farm level can vary more than at the sector level. Farm real estate values likewise reached record highs in 2013 driven by high commodity prices and low interest rates, but are now slowing and in some regions declining.

Moderator: Christopher Burns, Agricultural Economist, USDA ERS

Kevin Patrick, Agricultural Economist, USDA ERS

Discussing the current U.S. farm income and wealth forecast and also look backwards at trends in cash receipts, and government payments, and other components of income and wealth.

Daniel Prager, Agricultural Economist, USDA ERS

Discussing the recent ERS report on trends in U.S. farm household income volatility and the role of government payments in reducing volatility.

Wendong Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Iowa State University

Discussing the recent trends and drivers of change in farmland values, as well as the impact of policies changes.