Catalyzing informed decisions through applied economics

C-FARE's Mission

The mission of the Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE) is to enhance the effectiveness of the food, agricultural, resource, and related economic sectors through a stronger national presence of the agricultural and applied economics profession in the processes of identifying key economic issues; connecting the work of the profession to those in policy making and leadership, and generating greater public appreciation for research, extension/outreach, and academic programs.

The scope of C-FARE’s activities will be consistent with the broad and growing range of subject matter areas that comprise the profession. Included among the subject matter areas are the economics of food production, distribution, and consumption; international trade and development; macroeconomic issues; natural and human resources; environmental quality; rural and agribusiness management; public policy; legal-economic issues; energy; and others. The Council also will develop linkages to other rural, social, agricultural and life sciences.