C-FARE's Goals
  • Goal 1. Advance the role of agricultural and applied economists in identifying and informing research and policy issues.
  • Goal 2. Significantly increase the understanding that public, policy-making, and federal program audiences have of the value of food, agricultural, resource, and applied economics information and analysis.
  • Goal 3. Maintain and increase resources and opportunities that support agricultural and applied economics research, outreach, and education
  • Goal 4. Foster opportunities that build human capital for a vibrant national workforce equipped with skills necessary for informing private and public economic decisions.
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Core Values
  • Collaboration – C-FARE advances the applied economics profession through its continuous development of effective communication pathways that connect the profession to users of food, agricultural, natural resource, and applied economics information and analysis.
  • Excellence – C-FARE distills authoritative economic analysis from the agricultural and applied economics profession into information that effectively communicates to its critical audiences.
  • Integrity – C-FARE is guided by the highest level of objectivity.
  • Innovation – C-FARE identifies and facilitates innovative analyses and engagement.
  • Relevance – C-FARE actions are timely, proactive, and responsive to critical issues in the economic and policy environment, leading to impactful public policy outcomes.
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C-FARE is a non-profit organization. The scope of C-FARE's activities is consistent with the broad and growing range of subject matter areas that comprise the agricultural and applied economics profession. Included among the subject matter areas are the economics of food production, distribution and consumption; international trade and development; macroeconomic issues; natural and human resources; environmental quality; rural and agribusiness management; public policy; legal-economic issues; and others. C-FARE also develops linkages to other rural and agricultural sciences.

Incorporated in 1993, C-FARE's governing board includes prominent applied economists representing a wide range of public and private sector interests. C-FARE promotes the work of applied economists and serves as a catalyst for incorporating economic thinking into the analysis of food, agricultural and resource decisions.  We serve as a conduit between the academic research and extension community and Washington, DC policymakers and agency personnel, matching expertise to public needs. 

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